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2Sexy for myself
(everybody wants to be my girlfriend)

You may see me walkin’ down the street,
but when it comes to love I dance to my own beat.
I’m 2 sexy for myself but that don’t mean
I wanna be the girl in your romantic dream.

Everybody wants to be my girlfriend, my lover, my honey.
I am telling you I cannot be your girlfriend, your best friend.
Can’t kiss you. Cannot rock with you all night long.

I didn’t make this, it’s the way that I was born.
I cannot help it, I don’t wanna make you burn.
They say some day you’ll find your one true love -
that’s not a promise I can count on.

I see the way that people look at me -
they want my sweetness. They wanna own me.
They wanna be the one I work-it for them.
But they don’t know me - they only hurt me.

That’s why I run away. But I can’t hide away.
2 sexy for myself - 2 sexy for myself.
Don’t get too close to me. I’m not the one you need.
You think you love me? You gotta let this be.

I can never, ever be your girlfriend.
Hold your hand, kiss your face.
You’ll never rock with me all night long.
I can’t help it. I don’t want it. But I need it.
I need a lover-lover-girl of my own.

Where can I find you? Show me the way. Send me a signal -
so we can rock our lovin’ all night long.
Yes I want it. Yes I need it. I wanna rock with you all night long.
Come and get me.
I’m a’waitin’
Be my girlfriend. I’ll be your girlfriend.

I wanna hold you. I wanna kiss you.
I wanna make love to you. I wanna fuck you.
Wanna be your girlfriend. Wanna be your girlfriend.
Come and get me. Come and take me.

I’m gonna want you. I’m gonna kiss you.
I’m gonna fuck you. I’m gonna love you.
Gonna be your girlfriend. Gonna be your lover-girl.
Gonna be your honey. Be your sugar, sugar.

2 sexy for myself. 2 sexy for myself.
I need some rockin’. I need some lovin’ tonight.
Be my girlfriend. My baby. My lover.
I wanna be with you tonight.
I wanna love you.
Come and take me now -
Make me your girlfriend.