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  1. Unreala-state
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You think you seen everything reali-TV show. It can get worse, and it just did, but wait, there’s more to go.
This ain’t no TV, this is unreality.
Worse than a bad date - this be Unreala-state.
Good ol’boys in DC, you got to believe me:
it’s time to pay the piper - Get out while you can!
Unreala-state. Unreala-state.
You call it Crazytown, so we gotta shut you down. Unreal-state.
Don’t need a new car, don’t want a big TV.
Just fix the roads and run the trains - and make it snappy. We are becoming a 3rd-world country.
What do you DO all day, Senator?
Space Force?! How ‘about a new front porch? I don’t wanna go back to the moon.
I don’t wanna build a house on Mars.
Don’t want no sky-high condo.
don’t need no big-ass car.
Be able to go ‘cross a bridge & not wind up down river, bitch. Is that so hard?
Look me in the face & tell me what the hell you thinkin’
when we got so much to do here on this planet you extinctin’. You up in Crazytown. All you do is bring me down.
I’d like to show you how I live.
(and I don’t think you’d like it. I think you’d run home cryin’ to yo mama. Yeah, I think you are so pretty & pink & pampered & outta touch that you don’t even know the difference between a Google and a iPhone. Yes I do)
You up in Crazytown. All you do is bring me down. I’d like to punch you in yo’ face. (yes I would)
Don’t want your dirty coal. I want a solar roof.
No more thoughts & prayers - you don’t really care. (do you?)
Unreala-state.You call it Crazytown: we got to shut you down. Unreala-state.