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It’s been mom & me since 1993. That’s when the boyfriend couldn’t handle the responsibility. All he left behind was is DNA - I’ve tried to make the better of it ever since.

She worked a lot of shit jobs, how many I can’t say.
She woke & fed & dressed me for school each day.
I never knew hunger. I never felt sorrow.
That’s what love’s supposed to be.

She taught me right from wrong and more,
to love our country and our Lord.
She showed me how to pray, to be thankful for each day.
To never give up, always be kind,
love your neighbor as yourself, be pure in heart & mind.
You probably looked down on her, serving your food;
packing your Amazon - she did what she could.

Chorus: She probably doesn’t mean anything to you,
but she means the world to me.

One day at work she had a fall. The doctor told her she had hurt her spine. He gave her pills for the pain. But the pain never stopped and the pills didn’t help. So she went back to her job and would come home so worn down. She thought I couldn’t hear her crying after I’d go to bed. But I did, and I felt so helpless.

She gave me everything. She was the love of my life.

I know you looked down on her bad teeth & clothes.
But for the grace of God you will never know.
A love so fine - all to make me shine -
everything she did she did for me.


One day a friend came over & gave her some pills. Said, “them doctors won’t help you but these will.” She didn’t want to take them, but the pain was so relentless. So she started using them.

One day I came home from school - thought that she was sleeping.
I tried to wake her up, but she wasn’t breathing. She had gone to heaven.

A love so fine - all to make me shine -
everything she did she did for me.


She was the love of my life. She was SOMEBODY! And she meant the world to me.