Humanity is united in its desire for peace and dignity. We know it is possible for all to have plentiful food, clean air and water. Our technology can provide renewable, endless energy. Why, then, are our wishes not made manifest? There must be something beyond our governments and enterprises and our own will that prevents the world we envision: a dark force that enjoys our enslavement, foments our conflicts, and weaves a veil of selfishness and shortsightedness over our eyes. A dark force that has been with us since the beginning of time, that hates our free will and the Creator who gave it. We are transforming, but constantly being held back by the influence of this darkness. It believes it will win...our complacency encourages it. But I believe we are reaching a critical mass in human evolvement, and it is WE who will be victorious. But we must awaken, and arise to the call of the Light. No military can destroy the darkness, only Love, which is the ultimate power. A war is being fought, right now! Armed with the almighty power of love we can wage the final battle. Our destiny is in our own hands - Earth will either belong only to the wind, or take its place among the stars. Are you ready?


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AD - A Symphony of the Apocalypse (audio only)


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The Symphony with Images is a story and should be experienced in order.
(Duration: 70 minutes)