Liminal Release

1 - Moonwaves - Piano/Harp/Strings/Synths/Nature Sounds

2 - Slipstream - Synths/Strings/Piano

3 - Lullaby - Guitars/Synths/Flute/Strings/Nature Sounds

4 - Through the Portal - Harp/Strings/Piano/Keyboards/Synths

5 - Breathe, My Soul - Synths/Strings/Keyboards/Harp/Nature Sounds

6 - The Dawning - Marimba/Synths/Pipe Flute/Strings/Nature Sounds

7 - You Are Loved - Synths/Harp/Strings/Flute/Piano

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Moonwaves - The moon moves slowly through the night sky. The water below is in constant, gentle motion. Together they create a new element - a Reflection. The Reflection would not exist without the light and the water, yet it has a life of its own. It is a different light, with its own unique rhythm. It is a realm between two other realms.

Slipstream - It is inherent in us to move forward. Our soul is the engine of this yearning - it is our evolving. We cannot stay in one place for too long, but sometimes it is hard to leave the familiar, even when we have accomplished all we are meant to do in that place. A restlessness will urge you to motion then. You are ready! All who love you from Spirit, and the elementals of this Earth will assist you - like a strong, directing wind - surrounding you and running interference for you. The path is open...and you are indeed on your way!

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Lullaby - One knows not the instant of sleep. It is at that point where the body rests, the brain mends, and the mind is unencumbered. It is a gift to all life. It is the time when we are at our most vulnerable. Yet is is necessary to sustain us. In this liminal state we travel within a sleeping mind that is as active as a waking one, but we have no control over where it goes or what it conjures for itself. At that instant we enter the greater consciousness...whose only wish is that we sleep in heavenly peace.

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Through the Portal - You become aware that you are in a wild, yet serene, garden. You sense a door in front of you. You feel that this is an opening to a gentle energy - a consciousness that is fully aware of you. Do you wish to enter? Or do you turn away? Is it possible to return to the portal? Or does the portal exist only at this time, at this location? You know what waits for you if you leave. But what wonders await if you enter? Will the energy overwhelm you? Or will it coalesce with what you bring in? And if so, will this merging transform you? It may be just what you need...for you do have a desire to create change in your life. There is nothing to fear.