Hi there. Thanks for stopping by my website. Hopefully you saw my trailer on YouTube and wanted to learn more about the featured piece, AD - A Symphony of the Apocalypse with Images. On the AD page you'll find out what the piece is about and a listing of its 10 movements. I've provided samples from the movements on the AD and MUSIC pages so you can hear a little more of the music (which is also available for audio-only download). I brought together nearly a thousand images to accompany the music - some of them are a little scary, but nothing you can't handle. Let's be real - the world is a scary place right now. But it is also a beautiful place, filled with human love and aspiration, and a will to make things better. I've made sure to tell a story with an awesome finish that will inspire, comfort, and empower you.

I hope lots of people experience AD, because it exposes the elements that, I believe, are holding us back from a more sustainable, divine-inspired society. I am not saying anyone is bad or evil...we all believe we are on "the right side". But history has shown that people who think they're on the right side are very often being misled by expert manipulators who have a very selfish agenda. We need to do everything we can to show we will not be fooled anymore. I hope AD will be considered a contribution to greater awakening.
Lux sit - let there be light!
Thanks to Sibelius 7.5 software, the STRETTO QUARTET has been added to the Music Page. This is a one-movement piece for Flute, Viola, Cello & Piano. I named it "stretto" because the motifs keep coming together in brief,different treatments and then, 18 minutes later it ends quite definitively. Mind, it is not disjointed - it certainly has a continual flow and intricate voicing, so it keeps things interesting. At least I think so.
The ARIA GRATIAS: December 8, 1980 is now available here in September, 2015 after a rearrangement for Piano & Strings in August, 2015. This is a beautiful, moving work that began nearly 35 years ago on the night John Lennon was senselessly murdered. For those of you who were in the world at that time, this tragic event was, and surely remains, a profound experience of unexplainable violence and sadness. For those too young to have been affected directly by the loss of one of music's most powerful voices, as well as a true avatar of the peace movement, I invite you to hear this music and to learn more about John Lennon and Yoko Ono from the many resources available that chronicled their advocacy and contributions. The Aria Gratias may rekindle memories; it may remind us that the struggle for peace cannot be stopped by one senseless act; and that the aspiration for universal love is not only a dream that will never die, but the true and singular reason of humanity's creation. Please visit the MUSIC PAGE.
The one-movement orchestral piece, THE CLOUD'S TALE, is playing now on the MUSIC PAGE. It tells the story of the birth of a cloud over the Rocky Mountains - its creation from the elements, the strengthening of its form, and its awareness of its place in altitude. (You can tell when the mountains fall away!) Cloud journeys over America - what it must see and feel as it moves over this changing landscape and the life upon it. And, as all water must do - it must return to the sea. Our Cloud moves out over the Atlantic, quiet and serene - knowing its life is endless.

So many composers have written requiem masses, so how could I not want to do my part? I chose to contribute a stand-alone Lachrymosa, scored for soprano, alto & chamber orchestra. It contains the Latin text, but I also have a more child-like vernacular. Loss is bittersweet and I wanted to convey this in the music and lyrics. You won't hear actual singers, however, just synthesized vocals, but I know you will get the idea completely.

Fresh off the desktop and onto the MUSIC PAGE is ON WINGE and NIGHT SONG - one of the first pieces I composed back in the day. You can tell I was a flute major in undergrad school!

Now on the MUSIC PAGE: Preludes for String Orchestra, Piano & Harp. These are short orchestral works that capture
five elements in Nature...a warm, quiet walk through a deep-scented pine forest; a whispery snowfall that transforms into a heavy, pillowed white covering; the play of wind and water; the frenetic movements in the uppermost reaches of our atmosphere; and the ever-changing landscapes of cloud shadows upon the earth. Enjoy the five images I've selected.


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