1 - Forest Dream - Strings, Voices, Harp, Piano, Bass, Nature Sounds

2 - The Water Makers - Synths, Voices, Bells, Piano, Strings, Nature Sounds

3 - Aurora - Strings, Flutes, Harp, Bells, Electric Piano, Synths

4 - The Crystals - Strings, FX, Bass Drum, Brass, Synths, Piano

5 - Air Spirits - Synths, Wind Chime, Voices, Bells, Guitar, Bass, Strings

6 - The Photons - Synths, Brass, Voices, Bells, Strings

7 - Prairie - Strings, Guitars, Voices, Flute, English Horn, Nature Sounds

45 minutes

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Forest Dream - For all that live within and upon it - the Forest is the universe, as the infinite is ours. The Forest is interconnected with itself above and below; with all the creatures it protects and nourishes. It communicates in ways we are only now beginning to discover, and accept. It is a complex ecosystem that is one and many. It has its own rhythms and cycles - daily and seasonal. It is ancient, newborn, and self-aware. As with all life it needs to rest. At night, like us, it does so. But though it sleeps, it is conscious.

The Water Makers - How is it possible that combining two gases create water? Why, Chemistry, of course! But the fusion of two atoms to create an entirely different substance - a molecule - is made by a Divine spark. The Force that  attracts two elements to each other, bringing forth a new source of life? - these are The Water Makers.

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