1 - Forest Dream - Strings, Voices, Harp, Piano, Bass, Nature Sounds

2 - The Water Makers - Synths, Voices, Bells, Piano, Strings, Nature Sounds

3 - Aurora - Strings, Flutes, Harp, Bells, Electric Piano, Synths

4 - The Crystals - Strings, FX, Bass Drum, Brass, Synths, Piano

5 - Air Spirits - Synths, Wind Chime, Voices, Bells, Guitar, Bass, Strings

6 - The Photons - Synths, Brass, Voices, Bells, Strings

7 - Prairie - Strings, Guitars, Voices, Flute, English Horn, Nature Sounds

45 minutes

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Forest Dream - For all that live within and upon it - the Forest is the universe, as the infinite is ours. The Forest is interconnected with itself above and below; with all the creatures it protects and nourishes. It communicates in ways we are only now beginning to discover, and accept. It is a complex ecosystem that is one and many. It has its own rhythms and cycles - daily and seasonal. It is ancient, newborn, and self-aware. As with all life it needs to rest. At night, like us, it does so. But though it sleeps, it is conscious.

The Water Makers - How is it possible that combining two gases create water? Why, Chemistry, of course! But the fusion of two atoms to create an entirely different substance - a molecule - is made by a Divine spark. The Force that  attracts two elements to each other, bringing forth a new source of life? - these are The Water Makers.

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Aurora - What a loving bestowment has been given to us! To witness unimaginable cosmic and earthly energies colliding to create the Aurora. Occuring in the northern and southern latitudes (and sometimes dropping into lower regions) - they have awed humans from our earliest incarnations. They can be seen from space and, no doubt, by observers far out into our galaxy and beyond. A display of power, of beauty - a unique welcoming. An announcement to the Universe that, with us or without us, our planet is a world of Light.