The text - Lachrymosa (Susan Fisher)

Look at the stars: they are shining bright to welcome all of those who have gone home.

To each of you who we miss:
We don't forget you, 'cause we love you.
Oh hear the song we sing for you.
We sing for you in your new life, as tears of sadness stream from our eyes.
Yet we rejoice thy union with God -
Our joy in your new-found happiness.
It awaits us all!

Lachrymosa dies illa
Qua resurgent ex favilla
Judicandus homo reus
Huic ergo parce, Deus:
Pie Jesu Domine,
Dona eis requiem. Amen.

We don't forget you, 'cause we loved you.
In spirit we are one.
We are one!

To each of you who now can fly:
There is a star awaiting your light,
And this star shines hope. Amen.

To you who we loved,
now bathed in light, Holy Light.

The Lord said, "come unto me".
Now, these are Your lovers standing before you.
Love them as I loved them, pie Jesu Domine.



The text - We Pray for Peace (Susan Fisher)

Lord we are deeply troubled -
the world that You created has gone mad.
We need You now more than ever.
We pray for peace. Oh help us Lord.

And bring peace to our world and our children.
Help us Lord, oh God!

Help us to love, to forgive, to understand.
To walk in Your grace, holding hands,
seeing love in every face.

Help us end the suffering.
Bring an end to unkind words.
Help us to understand.
Forgive us Lord, oh God!
Hear our prayer.
Creator of all there is, all that shall be.

May we turn to Your light,
to Your love that fills our hearts.
Help us Lord, oh God!

If we could love one another as You love us -
There'd be no more war,
no more death,
no more sadness,
no more hunger -
Just Your love.
We pray for peace. Amen.