From the recording Proper Pronouns - Album


The Best Part of My Day

The best part of my day
is goin’ to bed with you at night.
I get to love you soft, and hold you close.
And float over you like moonlight kissing the earth.

(You are so beautiful
You are so loving.
You make me feel so good.
You are so womanly.)

The best part of my day
is coming out of a dream and you’re next to me.
I love kissing you in the middle of the night.
And maybe taste the sweetness of your dew.

(‘Cause I just can’t wait ’til morning.
Oh you’re so beautiful.
You’re so loving.)

The best part of my day
is wakin’ up beside you in the morning.
You’re sleepy-warm, and ready to love.
You open to me like the day fills with light, and hope.
I’m so glad you’re in my life.

The best part of my day
is any moment spent with you.
And tonight…we get…to do this all…over again.

(Oh baby…you are so beautiful.)