1. We On Fire

From the recording Proper Pronouns - Album


We on Fire

We on fire.
We didn’t make it.
We on fire.
We didn’t break it.
We on fire - not gonna take it.
We are so done!

Chorus: We’re cryin’ for peace.
We’re shining the sun.
We’re riding the wind.
We’re catching the wave.
We are the saviors - keep passing the flame.

We your children.
We are mourning.
We are angry.
We are burning.
You made the problems - we the answer.
We takin’ over - we the future.


We are done with the bullshit.
I can’t breathe! Hands up! Don’t shoot!
We gonna save this world you fucked up.
We takin’ over - enough is enough!
Munich, Wichita, Tuscon, Newtown, Ferguson, Oslo, Aurora, Baltimore, Orlando.


We on fire. We are so done.
We won’t take it. Put down that gun!
No more hate crimes, no matter who does them.
Love will win out. Don’t you get it?!
Laramie, Blackburg, Staten Island, Paris, Oak Creek, Birstall, Bangladesh, Charleston, Orlando.