From the recording Port in Every Storm - Album

Train sounds courtesy freesound.org_


9 November 2017
(Gonna Be All Right)

The road is turnin’ dark, old car is gettin’ thirsty,
and I’m holdin’ my baby’s hand.
The miles go by, and we’re gettin’ tired.
We’re drivin’ across this land.
Find a place to stay and get some food.
Lie in bed together and start feelin’ good.
Gonna kiss her all night - gonna be all aright.
Gonna be all right.

We’re gonna run, run, run - get away from the mob.
We gonna drive, drive, drive - find another job.
Run, run, run, “we don’t want your kind here.”
Drive, drive, drive, “Why you care if we’re queer?”
Gonna tell my baby tonight,
“Everything’s gonna be all right.”

We lived in a small town. We even went to church.
We had nice friends. We were happy in our work.
Then the moral crusaders swept across this land.
Folks that we prayed with, people we broke bread with
said our love wasn’t natural. The Bible said so.
We tried to lay low, but they said we had to go,
Gonna be all right.


Two girls runnin’ from the poverty demon.
Two girls in love tryin’ to find some meanin’.
American dream around the next corner.
There’s got to be a place where we welcome once more.
Damn sign says, “next exit - twenty miles”.
Wanna get naked and see you smile.
Till then hold my hand real tight, gonna be all right.
Gonna be all right.