From the recording Port in Every Storm - Album

Sound effects courtesy of:
(1) Woman laughing
(2) Faster breathing
(3) Girl female laughing


Sookie Kama Sutra

Oh Lovely girl!
You are so rich in beauty.
You move to the gods’ delight.
I love the way you dance, Sookie.
May I dance with you?

Wrap your arms around me.
Entwine your legs with mine.
And move your hands anywhere they dare.
Sookie. Sookie, tease me.
Sookie. Sookie, please me.
Put you lips on mine - show me the Divine.

Come here my beautiful lotus.

Show me all you know.
I am worthy, Sookie, you will see.
Of all the women in this land -
it is you who dances for me.
So you must want me.
Want me to want you.
Want me to fuck you, Sookie, please!

Tonight I am yours - so do what you will.
I trust in our fate, the karma we make.
This won’t be the end - we’ll dance again.
You’ll touch me again.
You’ll kiss me again.
You’ll love me again, again.
Sookie, again!

Again, Sookie. Again!