1. Sweet Morning

From the recording Port in Every Storm - Album


Sweet Morning

If I make a ring will you marry me?
The clouds and the wind our witness be.
Those who don’t accept our love may not see
our wedding on one sweet morning.

A ring that’s forged in the purest fire.
The Queen of Heaven would just desire.
A gold so rare no man could find.
My lady-love wears this ring of mine.

If I build a house would you live with me?
Make a home, loving and free.
Some chickens and a goat and a handful of seeds.
Together we’d rise each sweet morning.

A window, a door, a strong oak floor,
with clean thresh that smells so sweet.;
a bed for dreams and kisses deep;
secret pleasures ours to keep.

If I plant a tree will you lie there with me.
beneath its leaves through all eternity?
We’d grow through its roots in to its canopy,
and greet the sun each sweet morning.