From the recording Port in Every Storm - Album


A Woman Is…

1) I washed up on a distant beach, far from my homeland.
I was thrown overboard from a ship - a sudden and fierce storm claimed the lives of the others. Not only had the sea cast me out, but I was an outcast in my own country because of my perverted abominations. It was decreed that I was to be banished - left to wander solitary and shunned. But a missionary couple came forth and offered to take me - take me to a far-off foreign land where they would not only bring the gospel to the unsaved, but save my soul as well - Remake my shameful desires, teach me to accept my fate as a complacent vessel for a righteous man to fulfill his god-sanctioned desires - mount me, fuck me, impregnate me with future docile servants of the Lord. I contemplated my escape but had no idea how, or when, I would do so. All I knew was that I was going to have to run towards another unknown that would hardly be better than the expectations confronting me.

2) I was barely alive in the dark and the cold. People came and stood on the sand, staring at my nakedness. Then the woman of the harbor appeared - made them take me to her home where she took me into her care. She warmed my frozen body with steaming brandy. She gave me peaceful sleep.

Chorus: A woman is a dream come true, a port in every storm.
This woman is my Saviour.
Her heart will open to you, she’ll lift your despair.
Yes, she will.
Beautiful woman, holy woman, loving woman -
kiss you to sleep, peaceful sleep.

3) She caressed my broken body with soft breath - reclaimed my pleasures with her hands - gently stroked my heart - blessing me with her kindness. Singing to my soul that the love I yearned for was not shameful, but was sanctioned by a loving God, in whose kingdom love is glorified and boundless, supreme and Divine, with no end. With her patient love I returned to God’s grace. And I stayed with her, this woman my Saviour, forever.

Chorus: A woman is a dream come true, a port in every storm.
This woman is my Saviour.
Her heart opens to you, she’ll lift your despair.
And kiss you to sleep.
This woman is my Saviour.

Here in the harbor I wait to see her again.