1. Port of Desire

From the recording Port in Every Storm - Album


Sounds effects courtesy of

Radio tuning: freesound.org/people/funkyfierce/sounds/106747
“Voy a domir” poem by Alfonsina Storni, Pajaro Emprendedor,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QiWQ3kGq7M
Popped wine cork with laughing woman: freesound.org/people/postworkflow/sounds/360698
Pouring wine: freesound.org/people/speedygonzo/sounds/236720
Clinking glasses: freesound.org/people/bfederi1/sounds/382028
first laughing woman: freesound.org/people/nickrave/sounds/112562
second laughing woman: freesound.org/people/SpliceSound/sounds/218310

Lyrics Port of Desire

Once a year my lady sails from Buenos Aires with her husband.
He surveys his holdings, while my lady gives her love to me.

All is timeless in her embrace.
I never feel as safe as when I am with her.
The world ceases to exist.
But all the world is here within us.

The moon glows full over me.
The mountains grow soft far away.
The wind breathes on my nakedness.
The tide swells in Puerto Deseado

What kind of lover would I be
if I didn’t share her with the world?
I declare, for all to hear, how much I love you!
Our love shall not be forbidden in Puerto Deseado.

Once a year, when the flowers are new,
and the air is warm and sweet.
All the world comes to Puerto Deseado.
Only once a year…
this is the price we pay to know the deepest love.