What is Your Problem?

I don’t want no trouble, but I just gotta say:
some people out there really got a problem.
And if we keep going on like this,
then something really bad is going to happen.
Just sayin’.

Ya know, everything you do affects me,
even if you’re a hermit & never leave the house.
I agree to respect you with the dignity you deserve.
But I didn’t take no vow to put up with your careless shit.

Nor did I promise to be conscious for both of us when you just
zone out in your car, on the sidewalk, or pushing your shopping cart.
Believe it or not, but I am JUST as important as you.
And I would like you to also respect MY space as well as
the laws of the land & the propriety of civil society.

I don’t want no trouble.
But we can’t go on this way.
Chorus: I just feel that,
by Divine Decree,
we are meant to live with each other peacefully.

Smartphone addict, Facebook junkie. So many likes, you just so lucky!
Text while driving - haven’t you heard? -
will kill someone when you jump the curb.
6-pack breakfast, game all day,
masturbate your sad away.
Anonymous misogynist can’t relate to chicks -
hate on them! - You’re such a dick!!

Texting besting mething trolling
911 on speed dial smiley-face.
(I don’t want no trouble but we can’t go on this way.)
Women-hating, body-shaming, sex-enslaving,
threatening, raping.
(Every word is potential action,)
What’s the matter with you?
(so be careful what you say.)
What is your problem?