From the recording PeaceWork Vol. 2

Each individual is unimaginably loved by our Creator. The divine heart beats within each heart. We are also created as one race - humanity - and this collective is beloved by our Creator. In turn, the singular and the all are pulled forward to recognize the divinity in each person. We are the beloved community.

Sound Effects courtesy of
Lao Children Playing by Caquet #221173
Typical Neighborhood in Porto by Joao M Santos #316664
STE-002 Girl in Bathroom by AnnaBloom #192185
Potawatami Song from “Indian Songs of Today” Willard Rhodes, Compiler, Archive of Folk Song of the Library of Congress Recording Laboratory. United States Bureau of Indian Affairs, sponsor.
Sounds of local birds with children playing the the background by Hyperchromatics #535987
sfx-Jaiganesh by Sonologue (chanting of the Jai Ganesha arti) #107604
Adela-Romanian Song - Reading Town Centre by OmniSoundDesign #404309
Turkey - Call_Prayer by sierra #116047
Uganda-Prayer Jewish Song Hymn Sing African Villagers in Hut Putti, Uganda by Kyles #451004
Israel Sounds Amazing Grace Beatitudes Chapel by ThatJeffCarter #221869
Leena, Donna and Rachel Improvising on AppleLoops
Cymbal Rolls by David J Woll #85488 & 85487