From the recording Port in Every Storm - Album


God's Child Gone Rest - English

All life comes from the sea.
A woman's womb is an ocean.
There the soul sleeps till born -
to walk its own journey.

All life returns to the sky -
by the water and the wind.
The waves lift high the spirit -
the wind remembers her name.

God's child gone rest.
From the earth into the sky.
Let the wind take you to the stars.
She is God's child - His to keep.
Thank you, Lord!

Now we take the ashes of the bones of the one who gone before.
And mix them with the ashes of the bones of the one now departed.
God misses His children, and say,
"All children come rest.
Come sleep in my ocean of love.
You will live again forever."

We are sad that you leave us.
We are joyful you walked with us.
Thank you, Lord, for these women.

Yawah Bahbay Gon Seep - Islander

Kuni oko nishi wa.
Oni habo maa in sa.
Esay essen sombay nat.
Travay tu en travaysat.

Kuni oko berin shii -
turi sa duee womah.
Nami rees exat essen -
Womah maamo oni jen.

Yawah bahbay gon seep
Aba terr uhtu sa shii.
Mahkey womah fa tolee.
Oni bahbay Yawah teek.
Tanu Yah!

Na waa kaa sen da doost adu bon ada oni go afo.
Duee exim it da doost adu bon it da oni now ago.
Yawah mon di bahbay, duee tak,
"Kuni bahbay nishi seep.
Nishi seep dia sa hote.
Nu okoma aga terna."

Waa air molo tat oni dalevi osus.
Waa air jinfa oni travay osus.
Tanu Yah fa tasi onima.